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Welcome to my Deviant Art profile!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 11, 2013, 5:53 PM

My Art History

I have always enjoyed doing Art. My family has been really supportive and wanted me to do more. I studied Three Dimensional Art and Design at University. Big mistake. I hated it. I was supposed to be making chairs and tables, instead I made GOZU:

Welcome to GOZU by JWBeyond

I’ve made lots of things over the years using all sorts of materials; here are some of my faves:

King Of The Cosmos  Katamari 1 by JWBeyond Transformers Megatron by JWBeyond Invader Zim 1 by JWBeyond  DeathNote: Food Fight by JWBeyond Kage Bunshin No Jutsu by JWBeyond The Walking Bread by JWBeyond Adventure Time Snail by JWBeyond The Last of Us. Live Action UK by JWBeyond

But the most popular work I have done has been my body paint. I did my first body paint in 2009. My girlfriend at the time shared my love of DC’s Harley Quinn from the Batman universe. No idea how I talked her into it but she let me Body Paint her. It was a lot of fun to do (she hated it) but at the time I thought of it as a one off and left it as that.

Harley Quinn Body Paint by JWBeyond

A couple of years later I moved to Bristol, I was unemployed for 6 months! So I joined some modelling sites as a Make-up artist specializing in Body Paint and here is what happened:…

WonderWoman 3 by JWBeyond

Mature Content

My Little Pony by JWBeyond

Mature Content

Empty Within 3 by JWBeyond

Mature Content

Let the Games Begin! by JWBeyond

Mature Content

Street Life 5 by JWBeyond

I have done some great pieces and met some very “interesting” people but my favourite one is still my first; Harley Quinn. To me it looks perfect.

I am now stepping back from Body Painting, I’ve been training some new body painters to take my place so I still have some images coming but I really want to start working on something new. Something Amazing! So please keep popping back and take a look.

So I would like to Thank my family, my Ex, all of the people I have collaborated with and Thanks to all of you that have come to look at my Artwork :dance:


Wednesday the 27th of November 2013 I got a Daily Deviation Award!!! :love:

Window Clicker by JWBeyond…

Also Check out these Awesome Dev groups I'm part of:

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Aliasdotcom Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
Aw I love your body art!  Interested to see what you're planning next!
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November 11, 2013